A temporary fascination with the boy next door.
2 Seventeen, beybeh. >:)

Seventeen, beybeh. >:)

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02/14/12 ♥

Never will I forget this day. Happy BALOTines day! XD


Happy anniversary to us! :D Weeeeh~ Looking forward to another year full of awesomeness. :* Love you, guys.

14 Fckyeah. X)
Photo grabbed from Green Lantern. Haha. ;)

Fckyeah. X)

Photo grabbed from Green Lantern. Haha. ;)

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Happy New Year!

This is for the people who made my 2011 complete. :)

Long post is long. Oh, well. Enjoy. ^^

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3965 Haha! Thanks, weirdos♥

Haha! Thanks, weirdos♥

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Goodmorning & Goodnight texts:


It makes you feel special getting a goodmorning or a goodnight text/call from someone out of the blue. Don’t lie you know you smile getting those text at random times. When you don’t have much time to text people anymore, It’s a good feeling to know that at least you’re still being thought of by someone.

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fatelhart: Red~! Hai Chin. >:D

Haha. Hey, Ai! :3
5 facts about my bestfriend(s).

1. We call ourselves the SMiLE:) Crew.
2. Composed of.. dun dun dunnn: Aileen, Cheyenne, Kim, Jolly, JanJan, Patty, Micra, Micah, and Rie. And me. Haha.
3. We’re immature beasts. Loljk.
4. We celebrate Krushers day like a boss. B)
5. Weirdossss. :D Haha. Ily, guys.